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Travel Essentials

When it comes to time to board that long trans-Pacific haul (sitting in economy nonetheless), you can’t help but think, traveling sucks. Cra...

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When it comes to time to board that long trans-Pacific haul (sitting in economy nonetheless), you can’t help but think, traveling sucks. Crammed into tiny seats with increasingly ridiculous airline fees, terrible food, germ-infested re-circulated air; Airplane travel doesn’t have a lot going for it. Yet, it’s a necessary evil that one must endure. Setting foot in a new unfamiliar locale offers a certain bit of invigoration and instantly you can’t help but pay attention to your new surroundings. Suddenly that 13 hour flight and a case of stiff knees and neck pain doesn’t seem so bad after all. In the case of the process versus the final goal (or in this case, destination), few actually care for the process. So we’ve amassed a group of frequent flyers who can hopefully offer some insights into some of their tips and secrets for travel.

Amongst them, Taj Reid, Mike West, Kevin Poon, Jarrett Reynolds and Frank Liew, the collective have circled the earth many times over and will provide you with some expert advice.


Frank Liew

Owner of Qubic

How many miles did you travel in 2010?
I traveled about 165,713 kms or roughly 105,000 miles for those on Imperial measurements.

Favorite airport?
Overall, Singapore Changi International Airport, if you don’t mind the guys with sub-automatic weapons and gurkha knives who stare at you as you go through customs. I also have a soft spot for Hong Kong International Airport, because something ridiculous always manages to happen whilst I’m there.

What do you usually wear while traveling?
I layer up, depending on where I’m headed to. Due to our reverse seasons I’m used to going from hot to cold or vice versa, so I just remove or add layers as I see fit on the flight. Soft knits like cashmere with insulating/cooling properties work well. I don’t like wearing denim on long flights.

Your tip to beat jetlag?
My best advice is to simply not think about the time. If you arrive during the day, see the day through. If you arrive during the evening, try and go to bed without staying up too late. The only thing that screws this up is long transits at airports, so when booking your ticket, try not to pick a route that has long transits, even if it’s going to save you a few dollars. It’s not worth it.

Any last tips/suggestions?
“No, you probably don’t need to bring that.”


What items are a necessity that go where ever you travel?

- Bose QC15 headphones: Noise canceling headphones make you feel far less stressed from the flight when you get off the plane.
- Mont Blanc Starwalker: I try to avoid that awkward feeling of searching for a pen or sheepishly asking the person next to you when you’re trying to fill out immigration papers.
- Kindle/e-reader: I get restless trying to watch every movie on the entertainment system.
- Gummi bears: I could try and say something intelligent about these settling me on the flight, but there’s no real reason for this.

- Water: My body reacts quite quickly to changes in pressure, so I try and stay hydrated, especially on longer flights.
- APEC card: Due to the amount of business travel I do, I was able to apply for a special card via our government that allows me to go through immigration via the diplomat lane in participating APEC countries.
- Camera: I have a tradition where I print one A3 picture from every city I visit, whether it’s a certain memory or a cityscape.
- Running shoes: In an effort to keep up the habit, I try and take my running shoes wherever I go. It’s a good way to start the day, and a different way of exploring the city. In Tokyo I train with the UNDERCOVER team (GIRA), but in other cities it’s just nice to try and get out and about.



Nike Sportswear Design Director

How many miles did you travel in 2010?
On Delta Miles, I earned 201,357 miles, on United, I earned 60,572 miles. That makes for a grand total of 261,929 miles.

Favorite airport?
This might sound crazy, but Portland International Airport is probably my favorite because the airport is small which means no long lines to get through security, and no mad dashes from terminal to terminal to catch connections.

What do you usually wear while traveling?
This depends on length of flight. If my flight is just a few hours, I wear my normal gear. If the flight 7 hours or more, my outfit changes. Everything is picked out specifically for comfort. I carefully consider my socks and underwear (seriously… no tightey whiteys on long haul flights) to my T-shirt (a large instead of a medium), to a comfy pair of chinos. I also try to travel with one pair of shoes if possible, and I’m quick to pick a pair that will come off fast and easy for the security line.

Your tip to beat jetlag?
I try my best to adjust to the time zone of wherever I’m traveling to a day or two before my trip. If I’m traveling to Asia from Portland, I’ll stay awake the night before so I can sleep on the plane.

Any last tips/suggestions?
Pack as little as possible. You don’t need 4 pairs of shoes, or 7 sweatshirts. Who you trying to impress?


What items are a necessity that go where ever you travel?

- Camera
- iPad filled with movies, TV shows, magazines, and books.
- iPad camera connection kit to upload my photos off of my camera.
- Pocket size sketchbook: My favorite is the pocket skecthbook from Etranger Di Costarica. I buy a few every time i’m in Tokyu Hands in Tokyo. This is the perfect sketch book for traveling because it’s small enough to fit in my back back, and it’s tough as hell. I have no idea about this company. Their name is Italian, it has a French on the cover of the sketchbook, and they’re based out of Japan.
- Cat photos to cattack, duh.
- Lip balm: Long flights equal chapped lips.

- Bose noise canceling headphones: They’re expensive, and take up a bit too much room, but they work really well at cutting out the plane noise.
- Tempur Pedic Sleep Mask: My wife made fun of me for wearing my Tempur Pedic Sleep Mask until she tried mine on a flight. There is no doubt you look like an idiot while wearing these, but it blocks out ALL the light, making it possible to sleep on flights. Amazing.
- Slingbox: There’s nothing worse than being wide awake at 4am in a foreign country trying to watch a TV show in a language you don’t understand. Slingbox lets me watch my TV live, and even control my DVR on my laptop, iPad, or iPhone.
- Incense



Co-founder of CLOT

How many miles did you travel in 2010?
I don’t know how many miles I travelled in 2010 but I definitely try to leave town every month.

Favorite airport?
Hong Kong’s airport is something I’m familiar with cause it’s home and efficiently designed.

What do you usually wear while traveling?
I try to mix it up but usually it’s no different than most travelers, something comfortable and versatile.

Your tip to beat jetlag?
I suggest taking a hot shower, drink some tea, and stay up.

Any last tips/suggestions?


What items are a necessity that go where ever you travel?

- Ricoh GXR
- KUUMBA International Incense Sticks
- Rolex Submariner
- Blackberry Bold & iPhone 4
- retaW Fragrance Tablets
- Baxter of California Hydro Salve Lip Balm

- Porter Pouch
- Cutler & Gross Sunglasses
- Herschel Supply Co. Waistbag
- Moleskine Diary
- iPad w/ Louis Vuitton Case



Founder and Creative Director of 686

How many miles did you travel in 2010?
I flew approximately 115,000 miles. I try and fly AA, Cathay and British wherever I go around the world.

Favorite airport?
Hands down Hong Kong. Although I loved flying into the old airport in the city, Chep Lap Kok is dope. There are too many things to list… the open and airy format, a wide variety of restaurants, free Wi-Fi, the best airport lounges, easy train transportation to world class shopping and the main hub to all of Asia. Hong Kong is the place.

What do you usually wear while traveling?
Lightweight Stretch Selvedge Denim, white T-shirt, black lightweight Merino wool cardigan and New Balance Japan 574s.

Your tip to beat jetlag?
Always arrive in the morning. I want to maximize my time wherever I’m at, get tired during the day and zonk out at night. Then you can start fresh in the morning without any jetlag.

Any last tips/suggestions?
Traveling the world is a privilege and a blessing. It’s the number one form of inspiration and education a person can have. Embrace new cultures, have an open mind to learn and always show respect.


What items are a necessity that go where ever you travel?

- iPad
- iPhone
- Shure wired headphones (I hate bulky look at me headsets)
- 3 pairs of shoes: Redwings, New Balance Japan 574 all black and Converse Jack Purcell Japan all black weave)
- Baggu portable bags
- Original BIC mutli colored pen

- US & Japan passport (just in case someone decides they hate Americans)
- 686 Original Toolbelt
- Canon S95
- Victorinox toiletry kit
- Magic Jack
- Targus Intl Connection kit
- Carabineer Knife clip



Founder of wejetset

On average how many miles do you travel per year?
I travel between 50,000 – 75,000 miles per year via plane, and the rest of the time I live on trains.

Favorite airport?
That’s an easy one. Japan’s Narita International Airport. It’s clean and efficient.

What do you usually wear while traveling?
I keep things fashionably casual and layered. That way I can get through security without a problem and I can also adjust to whatever temperature is waiting for me on the plane.

Your tip to beat jetlag?
Don’t’ try to beat it. I think water and scheduling are the two most important things when traveling long distances. Allow yourself some time to recover. Schedule for the jetlag if possible. And try to stay hydrated. There are a ton of items out there claiming to help, but I think the best solutions are rest and water. Water is your biggest friend.

Any last tips/suggestions?
I’m a big advocate for evening flights. I know sometimes it’s tempting to get an early flight out, but there’s nothing like taking an evening flight. It cuts down on the pre-flight stress and minimizes your risk of being late.


What items are a necessity that go where ever you travel?

- Head Porter Memo Case
- Mac Book Air
- Business cards
- Notebook
- Canon G9


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