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New Era Presents: Tattoo Age – Dan Santoro Part 2

As we previously presented the first episode to you, it’s only right that we now reveal the second installation of New Era’s Tattoo Age series featuring the innovative and well-respected Dan Santoro. In this episode of following the antics of the employees of the Smith Street Tattoo Parlour, some of Dan’s unique, folksy hand-painted work is explored and a discussion about refining the aesthetic eye for work is undertaken. Definitely worth a watch for tattoo fanatics, the video is also a fascinating peek into an unusual culture for those who may be intrigued but not well-versed on the art of ink.

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour
411 Smith St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231
United States

Date: Jul 21, 2011  /  Views: 3  /  Author: Douglas Brundage
Category: Culture  /  Tags: New era, Tattoos