METAPHORE 2011 Spring/Summer Collection

Last year, Daisuke Kawaguchi began his own personal venture into fashion with his label METAPHORE. Having spent close to a decade working under SOPHNET. and its founder Hirofumi Kiyonaga, we asked Kawaguchi a short series of questions to set the tone for his brand as well as showcase select looks from his Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

How would you describe METAPHORE?
METAPHORE is my intent to blend classic-inspired garment with modern innovation such as new manufacturing techniques and fabrics.

How would you say the brand is different from those falling within a similar genre?
It’s a tricky question to answer. The difference between METAPHORE and the other brands is the same as the differences between the other designer and myself. We might find our inspirations in similar things but we all add our own twist. Every brand is a reflection of his designer’s takes on life. METAPHORE is the result of what I am, what I’ve been learning in the past, and what I am into at the moment.

What was it like working under Hirofumi Kiyonaga of SOPHNET. for a decade? How did it influence your approach to creating fashion?
It was a great experience to work along Kiyonaga-san for a decade. I’ve learned a lot on his sophisticated approach to fashion just by being on his side and being able to witness his creative process. In addition, he taught me many aspects of the business side of our industry which came up to be very useful when I’ve decided to start my own clothing line.

When did you feel it was time to launch your own label?
Ever since I’ve graduated from BUNKA FASHION SCHOOL 15 years ago I had in mind to create my own label. But I guess I wasn’t ready to take the dive until recently. The 10 years spent at SOPH. / UE gave me the courage and confidence to do my own thing.

What sort of inspirations define METAPHORE? Looking at your interests, they are quite mixed from hip-hop to football and pop music. Do they find their way into your work?
I like to get inspired by the most random things in life. I enjoy when it comes to me naturally, by chance almost.
I don’t want to be sucked in a movement or style and end up being trapped into one single theme. I’d rather mix my influences, like staring at an Edward Hopper painting while listening to Odd Future, let my mind wander, you would be surprise to see what comes up in your mind in these situations.

What can we expect in future collections?
I would like to go further into my current theme which is “EVERYDAY IS LIKE A SUNDAY” and work on casual clothing. I want to develop the kind of clothing that you look forward all week to wear on the weekend, when you are back at “being yourself.”

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