Filson Red Label Interview with Eiichiro Homma of nanamica

The developments of nanamica have more often than not been an area of intense interest for us. The Japanese brand’s ability to intersect traditions with the contemporary has been virtually unparalleled with their influence seen most notably through The North Force Purple Label, their own brand nanamica, and their newest crown jewel, Filson Red Label. Interested in this latest partnership, we spoke with nanamica’s Eiichiro Homma for a few words about this new co-brand which will look to provide the Japanese market with Filson’s sensibilities in a potentially more relevant package.

How did the opportunity to create Filson Red Label happen?
For many years, we’ve held a close relationship with GOLDWIN INC. who act as the distributor and licensee of Filson in the Japanese market. Through our nanamica stores we’ve constituently stocked Filson dating back to 2004 as well as being their agent since 2003. However there have been significant demands from the Japanese fashion market for Filson based mostly around shapes and fits. So with that in mind, we asked Filson if we could recreate their brand in a particular sense that suited the Japanese market.

What is Japan’s perception of Filson?
Filson is one of the historical outerwear brands that we respect. From their particularly heavy wool items to rugged cotton offerings, they’ve gone on to also include a decent luggage program. The Japanese people recognize Filson as one of the icons of classic American country style. But given this opportunity to create a new and potentially more sophisticated version of Filson’s classics, it has the potential to create a more meaningful product to Filson fans.

How will Filson Red Label differ from Filson’s American line?
We always respect Filson’s heritage and their authentic line in the U.S. But some particular features which we will change include reshaping for a more modern fit, redesigning color patterns, and choosing relevant Japanese fabrics.

How many seasons/years is the license for Filson Red Label?
The current agreement between Filson and GOLDWIN will be valid for the next three years, but given the opportunity we would love to continue with this co-brand past 2013 with the blessings of Filson USA.

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