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honeyee: Maison Martin Margiela is Changing

It’s been several seasons now since Martin Margiela retired from his role as creative director for the house back in 2009. When news was first released of the departure, speculations circulated like wildfire through the industry with many wondering how the brand would sustain itself creatively and what changes would be seen in its aesthetic. Fast-forward a couple years to today and Maison Martin Margiela is still alive and well, actively spreading its creative influence through design, art direction and more. While Margiela himself was notorious for being a closely-guarded and private individual, the Maison Martin Margiela brand has become even more so, acting without an official spokesperson (the house speaks as a team) and answering press-related questions through fax only. In a new feature by honeyee, the Japanese retailer conducts and exclusive interview with the house to ask questions about its inspirations, its future and more.

Even after Martin’s departure, MMM seems to have never changed and stays overwhelming in terms of its creativity and imagination. so I dare to ask if MMM has actually changed and why?

Maison Martin Margiela is changing and will change naturally following its own evolution. However, such evolution and subsequent changes come according to its own codes and philosophy. For a house that is based on creativity, it is natural to continue developing and going forward. The creative fundament of the Maison always stays the same but is being enriched with time.

What do you think about MMM-way or MMM identity and uniqueness at present stage?

We believe Maison Martin Margiela was born and build on a strong creative platform and has a rich heritage that can be perceived as you say “the MMM-way and MMM-identity”. Nowadays, the uniqueness of the Maison is embodied by its identity and the idea or anonymity (especially reinforced with the idea of the team expressing itself as “we” and not “I”).

MMM has always created the clothes fulfilled with creativity. Where does the inspiration come from?

Inspiration has all sorts of origins.

Is there anyone, a single person, directing the creation of clothes, accessories, furniture, objects, art direction and PR? If each department works independently, how can you keep the consistent image and aesthetics?

The intense exchange and collaboration within the team guarantee the coherent image and the consistent aesthetics.

Who or what type of male and female figures doe MMM see as MMM customers? Who or what type of people do you want to wear MMM clothes?

We would like to identify the Maison’s customer as being intrigues by our creative approach and not associated with a specific age group of body. Our various lines enable the appeal of different people united by the curiosity for our vision.

Maison Martin Margiela let us realize that the creativity in fashion is born by imagination. However with the circumstances around the fashion industry, is it difficult for MMM to demonstrates its full potential and existence?

Our structure and our system of various lines enable us to express out creativity on different levels and allows us to create the balance and coexistence between commercial and creative interests.

What is fashion to MMM? How do you define fashion?

It is a difficult profession.

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