POW WOW Hawai'i Event Recap

Today marked the fourth and final day of POW WOW Hawai’i. Originally conceived and launched in part by Jasper Wong approximately one year ago in Hong Kong, the event made its second stop in Wong’s native Hawai’i. The event’s basis is to highlight the actual process behind creating art rather than only focusing on the final product. Having said that, over the last few days, the event which took place at Loft in Space was created with an open studio concept in mind. People were allowed to come off the street and watch artists work in a natural and organic environment.

The event incuded a mix of both local and international artists such as Meggs (Australia), Will Barras (England), Aaron De La Cruz (USA), 123klan (Canada), Jeff Hamada (Canada), Yue Wu (France), Suitman (USA/Hong Kong) and local Hawaiian personalities including Jasper Wong, Prime, Kamea Hadar and Ekundayo.

Photography: HYPEBEAST

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