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Dazed Digital: MR PORTER aka Jeremy Langmead

It’s no secret that men and women go about shopping in distinctly different lights. With that in mind, the recent launch of MR PORTER has caused a great deal of noise in the retail fashion community. Knowing full well that men require a different angle in which products are to be sold, fashion is tossed aside in hopes of selling style. Piggybacking off the success of Net-a-Porter, MR PORTER enlisted the help of former Wallpaper* and Esquire editor Jeremy Langmead to head part of the operations for the high fashion retailer. Dazed Digital catch up with Langmead in a short interview outlining the intentions and philosophy behind MR PORTER which is currently open for business. The full interview from Dazed Digital can be seen here.

Dazed Digital: Why wait ten years before opening up Mr Porter?

Jeremy Langmead: Customers have been asking us for years when we will be launching a men’s site and this year the timing just felt right.

How does Mr Porter differ from other menswear online stores?

What makes Mr Porter different is the mix of content and commerce. And the fact that it will be a dedicated menswear style destination. Most retail sites are women’s ones with a small tab for menswear as an afterthought. This will be an entire new brand/site dedicated to men: the environment will not only make shopping easy and enjoyable, but make men feel comfortable being on a shopping site.

Is there an editorial side to Mr Porter as well – is that why you are on board?

Yes, there will be lots more than the shopping experience. There will be the weekly magazine that will cover people and product, there will be whole sections of content that deal with the different style conundrums men face, with inspiring characters from the past and present, and interviews with men from all ages and backgrounds who have achieved something that many men will find inspirational to read about.

What lured you away from magazine journalism?

After 20 years working in print – on newspapers and magazines – I was ready for a change; and instinctively felt that digital publishing and retail were the future for me. Then along came Natalie Massenet and offered me just that. And Natalie is very hard to say no to.

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