Freshjive "Boxer" Video

Zachary Wohlman, recipient of one of boxing’s most coveted amateur awards – the Golden Gloves – and the new face of Freshjive’s Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 collections, recaptures the panache of this pastime in this Freshjive “Boxer” video. With enigmatic piano music playing in the background setting a dark and lifeless mood characteristic of the cinematic styles in the 1950s, Wohlman’s soliloquy unearths a sport that has been lost to the commercial glitz of a media-frenzied nation as he states his commitment to redefine boxing as a “gentleman’s sport.” The video is austere and appropriately lacking embellishment, which is a stark contrast to the usual manifestation of the sport as a controversy-filled, politicking cash cow, lassoed by a million blinding lights. Instead, it reminds us of a lost generation of athletes that valued the love of the sport and their honor just as much, if not more, than the media scrutiny and dollar signs.

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