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LN-CC: 90′s Tokyo – The Legacy of An Era

London-based retailer LN-CC certainly has a deep appreciation for various Tokyo-based brands, because according to them, these brands are “responsible for some of the most forward thinking menswear out there at the moment.” The retailer recently released an in-depth piece on the era surrounding the ’90s, which paved the way for these Japanese labels. The first installment of a two-part feature on the current Japanese menswear movement, LN-CC attempts to analyze the decade, and the legacy it has had by inspiring the work of a new generation of menswear brands. The piece touches on the transition to exclusive, limited garments, the emergence of menswear fashion magazines, and notable designers of that day. This well-researched article is a great read for any young designer as it allows a glimpse into an era that sparked a fashion revolution.

Check it out here.

Date: Oct 18, 2011  /  Views: 4  /  Author: Robert Marshall
Category: Style  /  Tags: Fashion, Ln-cc