GQ 10 Essentials: Alex Dymond

For many good reasons, designer and entrepreneur Alex Dymond has become one today’s more renowned creatives. The Manhattan local is known for founding the Starks lace company which has brought on collaborations with acclaimed names such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, colette and KAWS’s OriginalFake. Iconic publication GQ recently met with Alex to chat a bit more about his 10 essentials.

High Ceilings
I feel so bad for my patient broker, Rudi. I have been searching for an apartment to purchase for over a year at this point—I’m a tad picky, to say the least. I love high ceilings—the perspective it gives you on the space you occupy and how you relate to it. It also helps change a small space drastically, which is basically all apartments in Manhattan (or at least ones I can afford), so you don’t feel so boxed in this way.

New York Mets Hat
Blue and orange are a classic color combination for me. There’s nothing worse than a bandwagon Yankees fan. It’s easy to like the Yankees, it takes heart to love the Mets, and who isn’t rooting for the underdog. I don’t even watch baseball or sports for the matter, but I will love the Mets till the end, word to Gary Carter and the ’86 Mets! The serifs on the Mets NY, is so much better then the Yankees NY also.

The Odeon
I don’t have time to cook. It’s a shame because all the love and care that goes into food that you make or a loved one makes for you is important. However, it’s just not realistic for my daily schedule, so I eat out a lot. The most important thing for a restaurant to obtain is consistency. The Odeon is one of the most consistent restaurants I have ever been to; it’s also one of my favorite restaurants ever. All the details are dialed, from the neon sign on the exterior of the building, to the environment inside, service, and, of course, the food. I love eating here late when it slows down a bit. Plus all my favorite artists, like Warhol, used to eat here—not sure why that matters, but it doesn’t hurt either. Once a guy almost choked to death in the bathroom on a giant piece of steak and the entire FDNY came pouring into the rest.

A Corner Seat on the Subway
Everyone who knows, knows that the corner seat is the best on the train, this way you only have one person sitting next to you if it’s crowded. I do some of my best thinking on the train. I also find riding the train so visually stimulating. Not the inside of the cars, but the tunnels—some of the most interesting lighting is down in the tunnels. Plus, there’s always old leftover graf to see as you cruise by.

Who advises the advisers? You always need someone you can talk to and trust, tell whatever you need to. I have always had the best consultant, with a lot more years and experience on the job. She has taught me just about all I know, I cherish the simple lessons like not being wasteful, conserving energy, respecting the environment, and to read or do something rather than sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself.

The full piece can be viewed here.

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