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Cartoonbrew: John Kricfalusi's 'Simpsons' Opening

With news of a Simpsons‘ end in sight due to a dispute between voice actors and management, it’s all the more reason to celebrate the subversiveness that still permeates the longest running American sitcom. John Kricfalusi, notably of Ren & Stimpy fame, was brought in to provide a couch gag much like British artist, Banksy, did last season. The result was a 35-second opening that broke countless Simpson “on-model” patterns, and gave the viewer a look at an evolved John K. style of animation. Check out the interview about the process and pain that went into the historic gag, as well as some rudimentary sketches that took the blending of 1990s zeitgeists from the planning stage and into reality.

Source: Cartoon Brew

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