Bill Gates (Gates Foundation) x FC Barcelona – End Polio

Often characterized as some of the world’s most generous philanthropists, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, in conjunction with the Gates Foundation, have partnered with FC Barcelona in a bid to “End Polio.” Although it has been 99% eradicated, polio is a disease that continues to cripple and handicap children in countries across the world. The mutual goal of the Gates Foundation and FC Barcelona is to raise awareness and call to action people to help finish the fight against polio and make it the second disease in history to be completely eradicated.

The campaign has taken a primarily viral and social media marketing method of garnishing support and is now accepting donations through their Facebook page. Amidst providing a support system of information and discussion points for supporters, the campaign has worked to create a global call to action via Twitter and Facebook as well as promoting a petition that allows children across the world to be vaccinated through the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

Source: KCKRS

Date: Oct 25, 2011  /  Views: 6  /  Author: alexmaeland
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