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Dazed Digital: Damir Doma and DJ Maker Interview

Dazed Digital recently sat down with Croatian born designer Damir Doma in the midst of Berlin Fashion Week to talk about his second label, Silent. Retaining fundamental aesthetic elements from his main line, Doma has added a selection of new cuts. Again adopting his usual color palette of grey, light beige and black, the added touch is a mustard yellow (as seen in the previewed Spring/Summer Collection for 2011). As part of the Silent celebrations, Doma threw a rooftop party and showcased his ‘Ghosts in Architecture’ film; a unique collaboration with image-maker Malcolm Pate and legendary music producer DJ Hell. A preview of their film, titled “Ghosts in Architecture” can be seen above with the interview below.

Dazed Digital: What was the idea behind the name?
Damir Doma: We wanted to describe what ‘Silent’ is all about; it’s subtle, not loud. The idea was to make it pure and simple.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the fundamental idea behind the brand?
It’s all about the product, and making clothes that can be worn everyday. The main line is more about creating a futuristic vision. It’s about thinking forward.

DD: Silent is mostly about using subtle colours but there was a strong mustard yellow shade in the SS11 collection…
Damir Doma: Yes, we have a certain colour base in Silent, which is a mixture of grey, white, black and off white. But each season we try to pick one colour that is a bit different. As you said, this season it’s that yellow, but we call it Golden Rod.

DD: Tell us about the fabrics you use!
Damir Doma: We started using jersey because that’s a fabric people love and always wear, and then we began adding different product groups, like bags and shoes. Now we’ve added woven pieces as well, but we try not to push it – the line should grow very naturally!

DD: Would you describe the Silent brand as more of a practical line compared to Damir Doma?
Damir Doma: It’s a product driven collection, and in that way it’s a more practical.

DD: Any favourite pieces from the collection?
Damir Doma: I really like the knitwear and the leather jackets.

DD: How did you two know each other?
DJ Hell: We’re actually from the same town in Bavaria. He used to come to a club night that I ran back home. I saw him there but we never really spoke, it was a bit of a generation gap as well: I’m a bit older than him!

DD: And how did the film come about?
DJ Hell: It was actually through Facebook first, but some mutual friends in Paris also said that I should do something with him, so it all came together. Now I also want to do some music for his catwalk shows, I’m just hoping he feels the same!

DD: Was it an easy and collaboration?
DJ Hell: Yes, we met in Berlin for the first time two weeks ago and then I made the music in three days. Damir explained the concept and he showed stills and created the soundtrack to it in my studio straight away.

DD: How do you feel about the Damir Doma the brand and Silent?
DJ Hell: I love it, I’m wearing it right now and even before I met Damir I used to buy it. He’s really an up and coming talent, although he’s not that new anymore – but he’s better known outside Germany actually!

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