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Apple Testing Chamber

Following last Friday’s Apple press conference addressing the recent reception issues with the Apple iPhone 4, a select few media outlets were given a tour of a highly secretive aspect of Apple headquarters. Within Apple’s compound are a series of 17 anechoic chambers comprised of bright blue spikes (made of foam) which are meant to create an interference-less space for testing purposes. Among the 17 rooms is a special room dubbed “Stargate” which includes a ring similar to that seen from the movie of the same name. While the issues with the iPhone 4 are very real, the rooms do represent an interesting look into the often secretive world of Apple and their dedication to getting things right.

Source: TechCrunch

Date: Jul 19, 2010  /  Views: 17  /  Author: Eugene Kan
Category: Tech  /  Tags: Tech, Gadgets, Apple