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Misha Hollenbach Pink/Brown Stool/Stool Exhibition

On June 24th, Misha Hollenbach who constitutes one half of Australian label PAM will debut his latest exhibition Pink/Brown Stool/Stool. Accompanying it will be a limited edition book from Seems Publishing. The Ed. Varie presented exhibition is based on Hollenbach’s re-conceptualized notion of “stools” into something more than just the remnants of fecal matter one leaves behind. An interesting subject matter to tackle, but if anybody has the ability to re-purpose this, it’s Hollenbach. The Pink/Brown Stool/Stool exhibition runs until July 31st while the 64-page book will be available for $24 USD and limited to 250 copies. Below is an introduction to the show/book by Timothy Moore.

Pink/Brown Stool/Stool, Misha Hollenbach
208 E. 7th Street, Ground Floor
NY, New York
United States
Thursday, June 24th
6PM to 9PM

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