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Nike Shaman x Project Zoltar Exhibition Recap

As previewed just three days ago the Nike Shaman x Project Zoltar Exhibition has now been unveiled. Five “warriors” including the nations of: South Korea, USA, Netherlands, Portugal and Brazil have been designed by the London based Zoltar team using existing Nike apparel and footwear alongside a selection of props. The warriors represent some of the key nations to watch out for in this year’s World Cup. A short film was also produced for the project as were photos and actual life-size figures. The collaborative project will be on public display from today until Monday June 7th at Nike Sportswear 1948.

Nike’s 1948 Stadium [MAP]
Arches 477-478
Bateman’s Row

Photography: HYPEBEAST

“When the anthropological technicians of the 25th century discovered the most important architectural relic of the 21st century in north Old Londinium, all experts were baffled at the relevance of this stadium saturated in emotion and glory. Upon further rigorous subatomic analysis and clone replication scenarios they made some startling discoveries about the 21st century’s truly global, spiritual phenomena.

The football temples—these open-air amphitheatres were used for mass gatherings, broadcast to every corner of the globe. These pantheons of the ancients, channelled human emotions – faith, belief and hope into the hope of the grail; the coming together of nations and emerging as the champions of the world.

The congregation met in the time honoured clash between good and evil, the congregation’s tribal colours a testament to the devotion of their choosing. This phenomena crossed global political and social boundaries, in the city of Rangoon, monks remains have been found whose devotion was clearly marked by the Brazilian shirt he was clutching.

Like the earth itself, the focus of spiritual nirvana was a pitch of green. On its altar was a football. While engaged in the mass ritual of the game, the faithful would emerge themselves in the full emotional and psychological rollercoaster. Ecstasy, sorrow, joy, frustration, pain and victory were all stops on the intercity to glory.

Further examination revealed that within these highly organised and emotional gatherings were spiritual guides who acted as a human catalyst between the Gods of victory and football. These were the Shaman, united under the swoosh and this is their story. Every four years they would meet to re-enact the tournament of the ages, with only one emerging victorious.


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