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Kenzo Digital & G-SHOCK present Dee & Ricky “Super Ultra Kara-tay”

A homage to the 8-bit video game culture and Kung-Fu movies, “Super Ultra Kara-tay” finds design duo Dee & Ricky as Kung-Fu students who must defend their Lego Shaolin temple against a nefarious villain and his swarm of ninja assassins. “Super Ultra Kara-tay” is an original and innovative new short film that fuses stop motion animation, martial arts, original music production, and LEGOs in a unique process that has never been done before. The piece was produced by film director/video artist Kenzo Digital as an extension of G-SHOCK’s recent watch campaign with Dee & Ricky.

Date: Jun 29, 2010  /  Views: 1  /  Author: Staff
Category: Design  /  Tags: Design, G-shock, Casio, Videos, Dee & ricky