The New Grand Tour Book

Following-up closely on the recently debuted The Grand Tour exhibition in New York, OHWOW updates their Bookstore with a publication of the exhibition. Within the 80-page book is the work of all the participants including Young Kim, Deanne Cheuk, José Parlá, Rey Parlá, and Davi Russo. The New Grand Tour itself isn’t a new phenomenon as the roster originally came together in 2007 for a trip throughout Asia to derive new skills, talents and concepts. The end result of this journey was a series of works inspired by their Asian travels. The New Grand Tour Book is available now and retails for $35 USD.

Date: Jun 11, 2010  /  Views: 3  /  Author: Eugene Kan
Category: Arts  /  Tags: Print, Art, Jose parla, Deanne cheuk, Davi russo, Books, Young kim, Rey parla