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Alden for BLACKBIRD Reversed Chamois Ranger Moc

The consistent stream of Alden and BLACKBIRD partnered releases continue with this latest Reversed Chamois Ranger Moc. Inspired by a shoe with origins dating back a hundred years, the moccasin-style shoe was re-done by Alden in the 50′s as they introduced a new welted design. The BLACKBIRD version plays off the Alden classic with a dark waxy brown leather reversed which effectively results in an interesting and complex “rust finish” throughout the break-in process. In addition Waterloc outsoles are more than adequate for wet Northwest conditions. Available now at BLACKBIRD.

Date: Jun 11, 2010  /  Views: 15  /  Author: Eugene Kan
Category: Style  /  Tags: Footwear, Alden, Blackbird