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Continuing our HYPEBEAST Essentials series, we catch up with Andy, Paul, Jay, and Jubal of Primitive, learning exactly what keeps their fine...

Although Primitive’s solid foundation lies on the back of professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, there’s a much deeper meaning behind the shop’s inception in 2008 and continued success this year. Stocking some of the more coveted labels, this Encino-based boutique manages to continually churn out noteworthy collabs, produce its own line of in-house apparel, and give back to the skate community. Fully operated by four laid back, yet business-savvy individuals, this retail operation definitely has its pieces in all the right places. Continuing our HYPEBEAST Essentials series, we catch up with Andy, Paul, Jay, and Jubal, learning exactly what keeps their fine tuned machine in constant motion.

Text: L. Ruano
Photo: Herman Jimenez

Andy Netkin – CEO/Founder

1_The Pen & The Pad
This little guy is where I write down all of my initial ideas. A lot of our Primitive apparel concepts start right here. Often times an idea hits me as I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep. If I don’t write it down, it’ll probably be forgotten by the morning, so I keep the pad on the night stand.

My roomies consist of my beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth, my black Doberman Killer, and our newest addition, Belly (brown female Doberman). Positive vibes in the household is key! I have it good, because when I get home from work, all 3 of them greet me with love & laughs.

3_My Whip
Being a Californian, I do a TON of driving. If I’m gonna work hard, I at least wanna feel comfortable behind the wheel. I’d like to think that my whip represents my hustle. Sitting on HRE’s lets you know I’ve been putting in work.

4_Primitive Fitted
I stay in a Primitive New Era. I design most of our fitteds, so you know I’m feeling the colorways!

Paul Rodriguez – President

I’m gonna have to go with a shameless plug on this one. I love my Markisa wallet! You can own one too!

My skateboard is my American Express… I never leave home without it.

I’m very fortunate to have my own signature shoes from Nike. I don’t see myself ever riding for any other shoe company. These 2.5′s are my current favorite.

I wear jewelry because Hip-Hop told me to. I’m a sucker for the shine.

Jay – Vice President

I bought this watch when I started my first business, and it’s still my favorite largely because of that. It’s a reminder of so many things important to me.

2_Black/White Tees
90% of the time you’ll find me wearing a black or white tee. Whenever I go shopping for new clothes I always end up just buying a bunch of new ones. I’m still on the quest for the perfect white tee. It’s a strange obsession really. I don’t usually wear things with designs or logos on them. (unless it’s from Primitive of course)

Sunglasses are a necessity for me when it’s bright out, and in L.A. that’s pretty often. Right now my favorite pair is the Hillyard from Mosley Tribes. The frame is a stately, yet simple modern design. I picked up a second pair and had my prescription lenses put in the frame for when I don’t feel like wearing my contact lenses. This has caused more than a few people to think I’m trying to look super cool indoors when I’m just trying to see what the hell is in front of me.

It’s not about having a lot of it, or spending it on things we don’t need. I don’t need gimmicky rewards points and statements for everything I buy, those things often complicate life more than it needs to be. Beyond that, cash is truly one of that last aspects of privacy left in our society, and there’s a lot to be said for that.

Jubal Jones – Director/Producer

This represents the daily intake. A 1.5 liter of Trader Joe’s and a of couple back ups. If I feel like going all out, I’ll trade the Trader’s for a Fiji. H2O is my liquid of choice (excluding the wonderful world of adult beverages). The inside of every car I’ve ever owned looks like an empty water bottle graveyard. Drink up!

2_Worn-in Half Cabs
Here at Primitive we carry some of the rarest and most sought after sneakers in the world but 9 times out of 10 you will find me in some beat up black and white Half Cabs (black & white SB Blazers are a close second). Once they are worn in, it’s extremely hard for me to switch them out. Comfort is king!

I’ve been playing in the same ska band (SeeSpot) for over 15 years. This bad boy has allowed me to see a nice chunk of the world and meet some interesting/funny/crazy/great people in the process. Don’t ask me to play it for you, because I won’t. Support live music…Shaka!

4_Insulated Lunch Pail
It’s been almost two years and we have yet to invest in a refrigeration unit. I’m currently going through a little health phase. We have one of the best slices in Cali (Mulberry Street Pizza) two doors down from us and if it wasn’t for my trusty pail I would be they’re number one client. Eat Fresher!

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