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Taking Pictures of People Who Take Pictures of Themselves by Sidney Lo

Nearly three years in the making, Sidney Lo presents his self-published work, Taking Pictures of People Who Take Pictures of Themselves, a monograph with 85-plus portraits of participants who post on Supertalk, a fashion message board community. Taking Pictures of People Who Take Pictures of Themselves will be available for $35.00 + shipping/handling (and sales tax for California residents), while further information behind the book’s inspiration is offered below, courtesy of Sidney.

This book was conceived while creating my senior exhibition at NYU in 2007. It started off with a few out-of-towners crashing at my apartment in Brooklyn and evolved into trips across various cities in the East Coast for Superfuture meetups. By ‘08, I had made the leap to Hong Kong, Singapore, and was on my way to Toronto, Montréal, Seattle, Vancouver, and Los Angeles; many of the participants were generous enough to lend me their resources. I graduated in May that year, fell into a limbo of sorts, and stopped shooting for a period of time. It picked up a bit after a year of nothing (read: use the poor economy / job market as an excuse for not getting a job) and, in September of ‘09, I made the decision to see this idea through to completion.

It’s been non-stop work ever since; I’ve picked up lessons on how to handle working with a printer, how to file for my own business, and a lot of other things I didn’t think I’d have to deal until much later in life. The experience of venturing out on my own has been immensely rewarding and now we’ll see if the risk will pay off.

This monograph is A4, 112 pages, and has a softcover with a black-on-black debossing for the title. It is produced by Prepress in San Francisco, California, with support and licensing from Superfuture.

If you are in San Francisco, California, or in the greater Bay Area, please come by and meet some of the Supertalkers, many whom are featured in this monograph, at the fourth annual Self Edge x Superfuture SuperParty on May 1st, 2010. The book will be released in-store that Saturday night and will be available worldwide on my site,, beginning May 3rd, 2010.

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