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Leica recently launched a new initiative titled CITIES.PEOPLE.PERSPECTIVES which brings together a variety of photographic authors from around the globe. The goal of the project is to offer a look into the respective city and travels of the people involved. The concept is to provide a visual experience beyond the trite postcard imagery we are so often encounter. The site is integrated with Google Maps so you can get a better understanding of exactly where each shot took place. The list of photographers include William Yan, Sevada A. & Philipp S., Anh Phan, Nii Obodai, TK and Tomohiro Fujii. The site will be updated on a regular basis and can be seen here.

William Yan

Sevada A. & Philipp S.

Anh Phan

Nii Obodai


Tomohiro Fujii

Date: Apr 7, 2010  /  Views: 12  /  Author: Eugene Kan
Category: Uncategorized  /  Tags: Photography, Leica, Tk, William yan