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Graffuturism: Futura 2000 Photography Interview

While Futura 2000′s ability with a paint can has been well-known, some followers of the living-legend are perhaps not fully aware of the creative’s skills behind the camera (although he did release an issue with LTD Mag involving American baseball stadiums). In a recent interview with Graffuturism, Futura 2000 discusses how photography affected has integrated into his visual communication. The short interview can be seen here with an excerpt seen below. Furthermore, Futura 2000′s Flickr account provides an ongoing series of photo updates.

GF: So being a painter for so long, how did these pictures start to play there role in your palette of all things Futura,also how would you describe the recent photos?

FUTURA: Props to ART CRIMES for that initial interview. NINETEEN NINETY SIX©


In the MID NINETIES when I gravitated to the INTERNET . . . I had two objectives.

ONE: create maintain produce and upload all content on that ORIGINAL domain.


Learning HTML at that time was easy. if you know how to copy&paste . . . anything is possible. of course I’m not saying looking at some other existing site and CLONING that; I’m saying understanding the most generic embedding code; which is all you need. At such point simply insert (your own) media and MARKINGUP all the necessary text&images. The personal propaganda can revolve around any subject you like. Most from our culture show images of work and extend the VIRTUAL GRAFFITI experience. I say that’s cornball. I mean I get that, that’s always what the community will do. It’s the PROTOCOL. But I’m different. By NINETY FIVE it had all been done. The entire journey from toys to trophies. So there’s a desire to move on; and the INTERNET was a massive highway. I got in the fast lane. Even back then I understood the power of personal publishing. Not having to depend on someone else’s knowledge to enable you to do what you want. You must be empowered; you must learn. You must be AUTONOMOUS.

TWO: in the process of doing all that . . . I am trying to communicate with the END USER but not on a ONE DIMENSIONAL level. On a MULTIDIMENSIONAL one. Make people think and possible even confuse them in the process. hahaha. A psychological experiment with over a HUNDRED pages of a internal extremities. That site is the architectural template for the FUTURA book released in TWOTHOUSAND.

Cut to the chase . . . in the past few years I have reCONNECTED with IMAGES and INFORMATIONS. My personal donation to the WORLD at LARGE. My voyages and experiences;

The last THREE years archived here:




I’ve only been on FLICKR for little over a year; but I like this application. Real comments; not GENERIC ones. My only complaint is FLICKRGROUPS. That world is just too artificial. Visually I prefer FLICKRIVER:


Because who doesn’t love a BLACKGROUND now I’m into FLUIDR:


Because I like some DATA with the DATABASE.

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