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Bjorg 2010 Jewelry Collection

Norwegian jewelry label Bjorg was launched in 2004 on the basis of creating items which embodied a distinct aesthetic; Embracing the beauty of imperfection but also maintaining an approach to jewelry design that held certain emotions and connotations. In the brand’s 2010 collection, they team-up with fellow Norwegians in filmmakers Matias and Mathis to create a short movie which explores the symbolism of a relationship and jewelry. The 2010 collection is themed after pioneering evolutionist Charles Darwin and where we’re going relative to the past, present and future.

Bjørg’s latest collection is inspired by the father of evolution Charles Darwin, and his works on the origin of man. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Where do we come from and where are we going? Between past, instant and future; the meeting of time and space, is where we find the objects of our longing. Seeking the purities in nature and experiencing the mystique of unexplored lands, far away oceans with hidden treasures and adventurous forests. Octopus arms tightly embracing raw crystals. The claw of a crab in black silver around your neck, the shiny skeleton of a snake around your wrist. Watermelon turmelins, left in their natural state, are armoured with gold and they now appear as relic daggers from our distant past. Jewellery has always been a way to express something. Be it about our love, our style or our opinions, but as these objects travels through time along with us, they tell our story. They hold our memories.

Victorian Memento Mori pieces, surrealism and ancient rituals have had a major influence on the feel of this collection. The idea of travelling in time, in our recollection of dreams and experiences – through a piece of jewellery. Entering a chamber of curiousities is not only seeing the pieces but also entering one’s own mind and our own emotions. In this chamber one can find anything from magical miniature perfume bottles, skulls with antique-cut diamonds, and bone remains in silver, to a golden moth swirling around a lantern.

Each element in this collection can be perceived as a little storyteller and also a part of an even bigger adventure, but a few them stand out with humor and directness. Whether it be an intriguing quote, a cute message or even an anatomically-correct heart pendant; they all give the bearer an immediate understanding of their intention.

”(For me) It’s about defying conventions, finding the beauty in imperfection and creating something that not only looks good, but also resonates certain thoughts, opinions, emotions or even humor.”

- Bjørg

About the video
words by Matias&Mathias

“Impressions. Which elements stir our memory and make us recognize the past? An atmospehere, a certain light, a sound? An image; a dinosaur or a necklace? Can we ever really grasp every little detail? Can we create a definitive memory of a certain moment, in its full comeplexity?

The film seeks to operate on the same level as our consciousness. By not always being direct; by questioning even itself. We learn that things are not always as they seem, because that is how our memory operates – it is never definitive or conclusive.

Jewellery can hold a lot symbolism and also a lot of sentimentality. They are objects that stand the test of time. We wanted to communicate the feeling and value that these seemingly superficial objects can actually hold.

A girl and a boy. A relationship. This much we know, but the details, not necessarily their conversations or observations, but their feelings, how can they come across? The idea of a voice-over that is not an exact match to the images was essential to the experience of seeing the film. It is as if the jewellery, in this film at least, represent the objects that remind us of the places we have been and the emotions we have had. The vice-over also, acting as memory itself, creates the ever present and mysterious dimension we carry in ourselves and our perception of the world around us.”

Source: yatzer

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