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Shoes-Up #25 - "ELLES"

French sneaker publication Shoes-Up #25 show some love to the ladies as the focus for their 25th issue, “ELLES”. Through the pages are various interviews with move-makers on the female side of thanks from tattoo artist Laura Satana to the founder of lady dance company Decadencetheatre, Jennifer Weber. Other people making their way into the issue are Estevan Oriol and Yone on the photographic side of things and artist NASH.


Why did we choose to honor the ladies in Shoes-Up #25? Maybe because it was right about time. The world is moving but the days when women used to stay in the men’s shadow are not so far away. This makes me think of the TV series Mad Men, in which ladies’ place in the 60s was pretty obvious: behind the typewriter or under the desk…Luckily, Peggy ends up stirring up the hornets’ nest. What? A lady with some ideas??!! Today they are no longer followers but leaders. Ok, just like every time, gotta be careful with generalities and moderate comments. Even among those who have made it and proven they can be the equal of men, without ever abandoning their femininity, there have been trials and tribulations. Nothing comes easily and they always have to prove more than guys. Ok it’s unfair but that’s not gonna change soon. Just check the interviews of tattoo artist Laura Satana (p.78) and Jennifer Weber (p.106) founder of New York’s lady dance company Decadancetheatre, to realize. What we regret in the end is that this gap pushes the ladies into sectarianism. Let me explain: In order to have what they want they are forced to make shops for girls by girls and brands by girls for girls… to their biggest regrets. Each with their own weapons, no matter what they do, their status or backgrounds, they have to fight to get established. But one thing is for sure, the motto “Stay nice and quiet” is well over.

Shoes-Up #25 dedicates its 162 pages to “ELLES” ! Content of this issue:

# Hot Shoes
# Artists: Laura Satana / Nash
# Photo: Estevan Oriol / Yone
# Music: Wu-Tang – RZA & Power / Hocus Pocus
# Focus: Poland Street Culture / L’etincelle Converse
# Food: Stay In Line ! NYC Food Report
# Shops: No Boys Allowed / Gals Rock
# Shoes-Up Japan: Girl Girls Galzs
# Press: Saji
# Crush Test: adidas Originals Campus Round
# Fashion Series: Sape / Working Girls
# Brands: Sawa / Fenchurch / Married to the Mob
# Lacing: PUMA Lacing School
# SPECIAL BACK COVER: “40th anniversary of Sebago Docksides ”

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Recommended retail price: FR_4.50€, UE/EU_5.00€, USA_$11.99, Canada_10.95C$, UK_£5.00

Next issue : Shoes-Up #26 – May 12th 2010

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