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SABER by madsteez

Graffiti artist SABER is the focus of this latest video by filmmaker madsteez as it examines the pivotal art figure in a different light. Known for his raw and bold style, the video presents SABER immersed in his surroundings. With the tools of his trade marking his face and hands, the piece brings forth a certain peaceful and serene relationship with his work.

SABER is a legend. A natural born predator, preying on anything and everything. His graffiti is vicious and angry, and a fucking pitbull fight to the death. He’s a hero, a catalyst for up-and-coming writers, signing blackbooks, shirts, hats, cellphones and even other guys’ girlfriend’s titties. SABER is a real fukin’ artist, bleeding the black blood of creativity which oozes violently from his veins. I spent a night with him, engulfed in his human spider-web better known as Echo Park, piled in an avalanche of art supplies and real life-threatening gang politics. I could feel SABER’s aura of unruly passion and I had an eerie feeling I was in the presence of art history greatness. With millions of fans all over the world, somehow he has been overlooked within the bullshit of the fine art world. He’s on the verge of popping that pretentious cheery and when he does, I can’t wait till he stomps all over the art worlds’ face.


Source: Wooster Collective

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