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Carte Blanche featuring Kid Sister – Do! Do! Do! (Behind The Scenes)

Carte Blanche’s entertaining music video for “Do! Do! Do!” (featuring Kid Sister) demands some behind the scenes footage of the video shoot. Directed by French graffiti veteran FAFI, the music video boasts sophisticated animation elements. The featured clip follows the production crew throughout the three day shooting. Although the clip is in French, HYPEBEAST resident blogger Wu Yué Nyno – who is responsible for the animation work – shared some insight on the creational process with us.

“The animation is a usual frame-by-frame drawing animation on top of video. We were using inspirations from the 3rd day of the shooting as you can see in the BTS-video. The biggest challenge, however, was to was to animate a character that was only illustration so far and to stay true to the original flavor of Fafi’s caracters. As Fafi explains in the video, we shot Kid Sister to get some of her attitude and use it after to spice up our animations. I also have to give credit to my crew. I refer to them as The Dream Team Deluxe, because they were instrumental in making it happen.”

Date: Dec 13, 2010  /  Views: 1  /  Author: Petar Kujundzic
Category: Music  /  Tags: Videos, Music videos, Carte blanche, Kid sister, Wu yué nyno, Tracks