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Whilst A Bathing Ape has now held several successful exhibitions, the URSUS BAPE line is yet to showcase itself in such a manner. Set to follow its mother-brand’s steps, WTAPS founder and head of the URSUS line Tetsuya Nishiyama will direct the “LIVE MOND SHOW”, the first URSUS BAPE-centric exhibition. To be held on the third floor of the Kyoto BAPEXCLUSIVE store, the exhibition will display a number of hand painted prints based on the URSUS concept. Naturally there will be an accompanying series of graphic tee releases, most of which are designed within a white frame to match the pictures. The LIVE MOND SHOW is scheduled to open December 11.

Date: Nov 29, 2010  /  Views: 13  /  Author: Staff
Category: Arts  /  Tags: Art, Events, Bape, A bathing ape, Fashion, Ursus bape, Tetsuya nishiyama