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Neck Face: Satan's Favorite Son

Since coming onto the scene, Neck Face has provided a constant stream of unadulterated art firmly focused on death of the most graphic nature. And while his surrealist approach does take a bit of the edge off it all, nevertheless, the themes shown by Neck Face has caused one to wonder about who’s the artist behind it all. This past Halloween, Neck Face once again put together another exhibition during the most evil time of the year. Moving venues from Miami to Los Angeles, we took the chance to interview the self-proclaimed Nasty Neck Face to the origins of his morbidity.

Interview: Eugene Kan
Photography: Brandon Shigeta

Interview with Neck Face

Since you first started getting into art, was it always pretty crude and gruesome?

Hell yeah, even when I was a little n**** I was always drawing the same shit, it comes with the territory.

What is it about horror and morbidity that interests you?

Death and horror is my expertise, I just like the look on someones face when they are getting close to death. To me it’s all a funny act. In Mexico death is celebrated cause your going on to another world, so fuck it if you are going die, you might as well start celebrating now.

As you mentioned, your work is a reflection of who you are and what you’re feeling. Does that mean you’re feeling mostly for death, rage and gore?

Death and rage is all I know.

How much of your art is a representation of what you’re feeling?

I’d say 100 percent. A lot of the stuff I do represents where I’m at in a certain point in time.

How does a Mexican upbringing factor into your inspirations and work?

In Mexican culture, we really aren’t afraid of death. We just accept it and try to make the best of it.

How did this latest show differ from last year’s show in Miami?

I got a lot of new work for you mother fuckers. Stuff I’ve never shown before, shit I got a motherfucking painting of Gary Coleman selling his soul to the devil so he could stay young forever! Who else you know got that? Nasty Neck that’s who…

Did you ever imagine people paying money for your art work? Has it changed your idea of art?

I never knew n****s would pay for my artwork let alone show up to my show. It doesn’t change the way I do my thing and I would still be doing it even if nobody bought my stuff. For my artwork, I got to do it, Satan is counting on me.

Were you ever hesitant to get involved in working with big companies?

Not at all, most of the companies I’ve worked with are my friends and people I respect. For example, working with Vans was a no brainer. I’ve skated for many years and all of my friends are affiliated with them in some way and on their skate team.

Why do you choose to wear a balaclava? If people want to find out your true identity, a quick Google search has the answers behind your identity.

I wear one because in my head everyday is fucking Halloween.

Are you going to get involved in more art forms outside of painting like sculptures and installations like last year’s haunted house.

Yeah I have some new pieces that are paintings and sculptures and they look sick. It’s my new work I’m trying to get into. I get kind of sick painting sometimes so its good to make sculptures to keep things fresh on a creative level.

What’s your Halloween costume for this year? What was your best Halloween costume?

This year’s Halloween costume is a secret. My favorite costume was retarded Freddy Krueger, I was freddy 4 years in a row n****! Somebody has got to do it.

When you weren’t opening art shows on Halloween, how were you spending your Halloweens?

Ever since I could remember, we’ve been making a haunted house with the family in front of my parents house. Essentially my whole life, for 25 years we’ve been making it.

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