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Coarsetoys JAWS Pain Version


Coarsetoys offer up a preview of what will be another big release for the company this year. The figure follows the popular signature JAWS line from the toymakers, this time created in a distinct monochrome colorway with hints of red blood. The whole rundown can be seen below with an anticipated shipping date set for October 20th.

coarse jaws pain

… the end
It had become their biggest fear. The bandages held the last traces of color in their pale bodies, but nothing could stop time from seeping away. And since life began to decline, they knew that one day this moment would come.

Standing by the waters edge for what seemed like an eternity, the noop had lost all sense of time. Deeply absorbed in his thoughts. Watching the white caps dancing on the top of the waves; like vultures in the sky they waited for him. Motionless, bearing the last battle his body had to fight out. Fighting for each minute – for every second. His nervous system had almost given in, he could no longer feel the agony.

The elastomer was cruel. This year, the same as last, and all the years before. It squeezed out every last drop from its former seedlings. The color stations that were once fully loaded with wonderful juices had now dried out and today the tubes finally ran empty.

The decline had gained in speed until today, and now began to avalanche. Sweeping away everything and everyone. Unstoppable like a torrential river, the elastomer brought in it’s harvest. It finally asserted its right to feed. Feed itself and the next generation.

A sound interrupted his thoughts. He turned around with a jolt. Paw was closing in on him. In previous months he would have made an escape. His heart was pounding but his body had lost the power to move… as paw drew nearer, his instincts urged him to run. But now he could see that even paw’s life span had expired. He was just as pale as the noop. And his face without emotion.

Paw stopped right next to him and clasped his hand. Together they stared out to sea as their existence reflected upon them. At the same moment they both knew it was time. They closed their eyes.

jaws pain

coarse presents jaws pain. The noop and his shark crown are approx. 13 inches tall. The monotone grey/red figures are available in 2 editions.

jaws pain signature edition
with blood melting out of the noop’s mouth

The noop and his shark crown resting in black sponge, packed in a deluxe hand wrapped paper box, closed with a silkscreen printed transparent sleeve.

In stores worldwide from mid October 2009.

jaws pain hkg edition
with blood draining down the side of the noop’s face.

The noop and his beloved shark crown lying safely embedded in black sponge. Packed in a wooden teeth box, closed with a woven elastic band. Includes a numbered and signed silkscreen print (12.9” x 12.9”, printed in 5 colors on heavy paper). With blood individually hand painted on the print by the coarse artists.

Limited to 100 pieces

Price: HK$ 3200 (includes global shipping)

Available exclusively at coarse hkg.

Please Register for the lottery between October 5 – 7 at www.coarsetoys.com
Invitations sent out October 8. Shipping estimated October 20.

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