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URSUS BAPE 2009 Fall/Winter Collection by Tetsu Nishiyama


Tetsu Nishiyama (Tet) of WTAPS kicks off the 2009 Fall/Winter Collection as Chief Designer for the new URSUS BAPE line. The line is an extension of the collaboration t-shirts that were available online only through the Japanese website. Bape’s General logo has been modified into a skull, which makes up the motif of the URSUS logo. The line will feature a combination of dark and pop-like designs with a strong attention to detail and craftsmanship. Within URSUS BAPE will be a wide array of apparel, accessories, and shoes, all featuring authentic work, military, and outdoors-inspired pieces. Further pieces from URSUS will be offered in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Date: Jul 10, 2009  /  Views: 26  /  Author: L. Ruano
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