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Essentials: oki-ni

A return to our essentials segments follows the daily lives of the good folks at British retailer oki-ni.


“oki-ni was born from the need to create something new and individual.”

Seven years later, this sentiment for oki-ni still largely rings true as the British retailer continually earns our respect as one of our favorite retailers. From roots in product collaboration, we’ve seen a number of great brands enter into the oki-ni portal. Offering varying aesthetics, the stores offer something for everybody. After a bit of a hiatus and a keen interest on the recent re-launch of the site, we looked to four particular individuals at oki-ni to provide a little insight into their Essentials. These four important members of the team include Dave Hobson, Dan Mitchell, Lucy O’Brien and Ben Benoliel. In closing, oki-ni offer this simple statement “We love product, music and style. It’s as simple as that.”


Dave Hobson – Online Marketing Manager

A recent survey in the UK alleged that 1 in 4 people in the UK are dieting most of the time. This figure is guiltily emphasized following Christmas gluttony and New Year’s resolutions. I personally cannot get through the afternoon without a cocoa induced sugar rush. On the menu this month: Cadbury’s Crème Eggs!

2_London Bus Map
Despite having lived here for three years, my knowledge of the urban jungle that is London is still more tourist than black cabbie. I bought this Bus map when I first moved down and it goes with me everywhere.

3_adidas Trainers
As a keen follower of football from an early age I have always been fascinated by casual fashions. Adidas is a brand that I have desired from a young age and I certainly feel taller when rocking a pair I love. The collaborations oki-ni did with Adidas on such styles as the Montreal, Spezial and Indoor Super (See image) are among my all time favorites.

4_Vintage Scarf
As any true cockney would tell you, “it’s been taters” over the past few months. As a result I’ve been wrapping up warm in an array of vintage football or Tootal scarves this Winter. My pride and joy is this vintage Nottingham Forest scarf from the late 1970’s which has been proudly passed down to me.


Dan Mitchell – Creative Assistant

1_Senneiser Headphones
Senneiser HD25s are a solid pair of headphones that i use everyday – Excellent sound quality and all parts are replaceable- these will last me for years to come!

2_Phoreski – Bad Manners and Fat Chick Mix CD
This mix cd has been on heavy rotation for the past few months- Phoreski is one of our favorite DJs – whenever it gets quite in the office i stick this crazy selection of oddball sounds LOUD to lighten us up! You can find the mix on our blog if you wanna check it out.

3_Fuji Finepix Camera
I always carry my little camera around with me as you never know what you might see!

4_Quikone Holder, Keys and Chain
I would be screwed if i lost my keys but thanks to my cord i can safely say they are always with me! I always use my quikoin to grab fast change for jumping on buses and Tubes around London.


Lucy O’Brien – Customer Services

My gorgeous little Battersea rescue 14month Lab X, who always makes me smile!

2_Norman the Talking Gnome
I love kitsch, forget fishing gnomes, 2009 is all about the waving and talking gnomes. Norman keeps me sane with his cheeky comments throughout the day.

This keeps me typing and talking to customers all day, every day, with at least 10 cups a day. It has to be ‘builder’ style, two sugars and lots of milk and only PG tips, none of this herbal stuff. I’m even member number, 43 of the official Tea Appreciation Society .

4_101 Un-useful Japanese Inventions Book
This is my bible… if ever I am in need of a new crazy Japanese gadget, I check this out…


Ben Benoliel – Photographer

1_African Belt
This is a belt I came across in a friend’s vintage shop in December ’07. It was hand made in Africa I love the colours and patterns and wear it every single day.

2_”Three Pats”
‘Three pats’ “keys,wallet.phone?” I cant leave the flat without any of these items, My wallet was a Christmas present from my girlfriend and holds my tube pass, cards and cash. My keys and change are always needed and I couldn’t survive without my mobile, sad but true !

3_Ring & Watch
My ring and watch go EVERYWHERE with me, no matter what. Two very cherished presents, a watch I was given by my parents when I turned 21. The ring is a one off, the gold heart separates from the silver ring and was designed by my girlfriend and hand made by my brother who is a jewelry designer 

4_Chewing Gum & Rennie
I have always had a really big issue with ‘breath’ in general since I was young, not mine just ‘breath’ in general so I HAVE to have chewing gum with me. After about 7 years of suffering I have self diagnosed myself with ‘acid reflux’ so always a pack of Rennie or as my friends call them ‘life savers!’

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