Black Thought - Jam Boys

Two Philadelphia legends, UBIQ and Black Thought bring to us this exclusive track right here at HYPEBEAST to commemorate UBIQ’s 215 Collection from their Holiday Line this season. Entitled, “Jam Boy” the record lays out a fast rhythmic tempo, usually the ideal situation for the Philly native. Black Thought as you may know, is the lead MC of The Roots, and one of the best lyricists not only in Philly, but in the Hip Hop game, not to mention a favorite of several Staff members here at HYPEBEAST. Check out the mini interview with UBIQ below along with the track.

Black Thought – Jam Boys

UBIQ Black Thought Interview

UBIQ: State your name.
BT: I’m Black Thought. Lead vocalist from the Roots, a member of the Money Making Jam Boys.

UBIQ: How important is fashion to you?
BT: Fashion was very important in the early part of my career now its just in me. I always been one of those dudes and push the envelope and set the trends. I got kicked out of my high school prom for what I had on.

UBIQ: What brands do you like?
BT: I have a homie that has a denim bar in soho and he makes a brand called Samurai. I rock the PRPS. That is my favorite denim since 2002

UBIQ: What are you rocking on the footwear
BT: I have a relationship with GUCCI. I like LV’s, the skater look shoes, the LV Kanye joints was crazy. I use to be heavy into NIKE but my taste have evolved. I wear classics like Jack Purcells and all the classics.

UBIQ: What’s going on in the music world?
BT: I try to keep a full plate. We did a music documentary that has a soundtrack. It’s called “A Soundtrack of A Revolution”. It’s The Roots and TV On The Radio. It’s nominated for an Oscar. I’m also working on an album with Danger Mouse and that’s called The Dangerous Thoughts, and then the Money Making Jam Boy’s project and then you know the new Roots album which is called “How I Got Over”. That will be out in February.

UBIQ: What’s going on with all the music getting leaked on Black Thought?
BT: I have no idea how these records are getting out. It’s various songs that don’t make the album, not because they aren’t good, it just might not fit the albums feel. But I am going to start releasing joints on THe Money Making Jam Boys Project though.

UBIQ: Since UBIQ is short for UBIQUITOUS, We wanted to know where your favorite place in the world is?
BT: If I had to dip I would go to Stockholm Sweden. Only thing I don’t like is they are harsh on the drugs. I love the people and the shopping is crazy. The Nobel Peace Prize is from there, so you know its peace!


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