JR x BKRW "La Casa Amarela" Exhibition


Our friend’s over in France BKRW recently took their online gig to the offline world with the creation of a brand new creative space. To help christened the new opportunity and venture, they enlisted the help of fellow French creative JR to present some of his work at the space. For more details, check the press release below.


The BKRW Creative Agency and the BKRW.COM Online Magazine needed a place in tune with the real world, a physical pied-à-terre capable of accommodating all the wishes of the young French digital entity.

That place now has an address: 68 rue des Archives, which will receive an atypical space that mixes the concepts of an office, a gallery, a showroom and a punctual pop-up shop. We find ourselves in a real playground of art and marketing that can bring life to any project.

The purpose of BKRW was not to repeat what has already been done. Codes are made to be broken. Habits changed. The routine carried around by bubbles and flakes did not deserve to be recreated. We needed to mix substance and form by opening with a consistent space. It was therefore important to initiate a global project, towards other humans and resonant with the people.

BKRW has therefore associated themselves with JR and his Foundation to create a humanitarian and charitable space. Sustained by an installation, an artistic set-up and the creation of a limited edition all-over T-shirt, the profits of which will be donated to the JR Foundation.

BKRW inaugurates its new space with an installation by artist JR of photos taken by the children of Casa Amarela, a cultural centre opened in the favela Morro da Providência in Rio de Janeiro through the foundation he created this year.

The objective of this foundation is simple: extend JR’s artistic process by social and cultural activities onsite. Following his work at the heart of that favela in August 2008, JR has decided to create a place dedicated to art and culture. It is also a way to thank the entire community that has supported his work. Finally, it is an answer to the isolation of the favela, which receives neither government assistance nor any institutional support from any NGO.

It is in this context that ‘La Casa Amarela’ is born. 120 square meters and a terrace with a 360 degrees view of Rio, where are organized photography workshops, legal and administrative assistance and of course any type of project in line with the original approach of JR. Children are well accommodated in a true peace-bubble. So that culture opens new doors for the younger ones.

The purpose of BKRW as a magazine is to be a vital cultural platform, and as an agency to guide brandsin their marketing, commercial and creative approaches, so they can keep them as close to new market trends as they can. And of course anticipate the recent influence of opinion leaders.

More than just headquarters, BKRW is proud to present you the ARCHIVES and invites you to come discover them.

Open to the public from 3.00 PM to 7.00 PM, Tuesday to Friday.



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