FCRB 2008 Fall/Winter Collection

In a viewing of FCRB’s latest seasonal collection, the ongoing collaborative effort of Hirofumi Kiyonagi (of SOPHNET. fame) and Nike has held in high esteem the junction of performance and technical apparel with a more fashion-minded direction. Now operating under the Nike Sportswear moniker, many of the pieces now have upped the ante and utilized many of the complex methods which have come to embody Nike Sportswear’s technologically advanced products. In addition the fashion aspect of the FCRB brand includes the use of Swarovski crystals and unconventional sporting material patterns such as camo. The theme this year was strongly influenced by jerseys featuring FIL, fragment design and honeyee symbols which utilized the logos of these respective entities in similar fashion to sponsor logos seen on pro teams around the world. Available now at select IT locations in Hong Kong.

$2199 HKD (Approx. $283 USD)

$2199 HKD (Approx. $283 USD)

$2799 HKD (Approx. $361 USD)

$2699 HKD (Approx. $348 USD)

$5799 HKD (Approx. $747 USD)

$2499 HKD (Approx. $322 USD)

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