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BBC | Ice Cream 2008 Fall/Winter Collection September Releases

BBC | Ice Cream has the following to offer from their 2008 fall/winter collection’s September releases which hits BBC | Ice Cream Hong Kong at the end of the week. The releases are a mixture of your run of the mill staples such as t-shirts and hoodies from the brand, however two defining items include a lavish puffy vest and custom material camo backpack. Available Saturday at BBC | Ice Cream Hong Kong.

BBC | Ice Cream
14 On Lan Street
Central, Hong Kong
p: 852.2526.7166

$4699 HKD (Approx. $605 USD)

$2299 HKD (Approx. $296 USD)

$2599 HKD (Approx. $335 USD)

$2759 HKD (Approx. $355 USD)

$859 HKD (Approx. $110 USD)

$1959 HKD (Approx. $252 USD)

$2299 HKD (Approx. $296 USD)

$759 HKD (Approx. $98 USD)

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