ALIVE TOKYO Quad City Project

Legendary Japanese Keirin frame makers 3rensho are at the center of this Quad City partnership as ALIVE TOKYO watches has brought together four influential members of the bike community in North America and Japan. The cast of four artists and riders each designed their own 3rensho-inspired watch for ALIVE TOKYO. Contributors include Benny Gold (HUF/Mash/San Francisco), Dustin Klein (Cadence/Fast Friday/Seattle/Philadelphia), Yohei (WBase/Mash/Tokyo) and Tyler Lepore (Super Champion/Vancouver). For more details check out

Watch by Dustin Klein (Cadence/Fast Friday/Seattle/Philadelphia)

Watch by Tyler Lepore (Super Champion/Vancouver)

Watch by Yohei (WBase/Mash/Tokyo)

Watch by Benny Gold

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