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Hypetrak's Weekly Friday Picks - August 29th

Between keeping up with the Democratic National Convention, preseason football, surprise album leaks and gallons of Starbucks coffee to fuel late night blogging, it has been a long week to say the least. Through it all it has been a fruitful week for new music and as always we have some dope videos for you to view, good MP3s for you to download and interesting music news to peep. So get your “Caps Lock” button ready for angry capital letter disagreement in the comments section or, more likely, for use to express your vehement agreement. So check out the links below, visit the site, listen to the music and repeat.

Dr. Dog – The Ark

Dr. Dog’s brand of Psychedelic rock is making tidal waves on the blogosphere and starting to cause a commotion in the mainstream. It’s not surprising once you get an earful of The Beatles inspired album Fate. “The Ark” is prime example of what you’ll get from the album. Check out the video for the hype track (get it?) which sonically displays pop sensibilities mixed with lyrical ambiguity and haunting visuals.

Truckasauras – Fak!!

You have no idea how big of a wrestling fan I was in the late 80s and early 90s. This video instantly made me want to oil up and throw on my Hulkamania T-shirt (sorry for the visuals). The Seattle Electronic group Truckasauras (which by the way takes it’s name from a old Simpsons episode. You gotta love that) obviously feels the same way I do. They choreographed their electronic bleeps, blips and kicks from the song “Fak!!” (just try saying that one out loud) to some serious dude sweat by Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan.

Kanye West – Good Morning (Video Premier)

First of all, take a second to get over the fact that you may have seen a rough cut of this video about a year ago…. All better? Okay, now that you’ve let that go understand that Kanye recently just cosigned the release of the full high quality video of the animated “Good Morning”. I hate to throw the word “genius” around but obviously Takashi Murakami went in on this one. The dropout bear makes his obligatory apperance in this one in grand fashion. The video is just as stylish and dramatic as the music laid over it and the men involved.

Common – Announcement

Although Common’s upcoming album Invincible Summer may be coming out right at the beginning of the fall, his new joint “Announcement ” could make it seem like June in the middle of January. The new video he has constructed with Pharrell dropping the hook, b-girls doing what they do best and animation completing the visuals is easily one of the best Hip Hop videos we’ve seen in a while. The hard thumping throwback early electronic, old school hip hop vibe of the song helps as well.

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