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Hypetrak's Weekly Friday Picks - August 22nd

If you don’t know by now, HYPEBEAST’s official music blog entitled Hypetrak has officially launched a few weeks ago. Needless to say, it is the most awe inspiring, jaw dropping, amazing, well written, up to date music blog on the entire world wide web. Okay, so maybe we need to work on being humble but truthfully the blog is pretty good. In another attempt to prove that Hypetrak just isn’t your everyday, generic music blog, every Friday we will give you a few tracks or videos featured on HYPEBEAST that came directly from Hypetrack through the course of the week. That way you can check out the site, then judge for yourself.

The Cool Kids – Delivery man

The cool Kids pretty much sum up everything that HYPEBEAST is about. Extensively schooled in the science of street wear, kicks and swagger The Cool Kids never disappoint. This track is a exclusive single for Mountain Dew’s new label “Green Label”. There’s the duos’ vintage retro Hip Hop sound on this track but I can also hear the group starting to branch out both lyrically and sonically. Definitely worth a listen.

My Morning Jacket – Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 2

Keep it real, when you where a kid you idolized the book “Where the Wild Things Are”. I know I did. Apparently so does roots rock band My Morning Jacket. They make their childhood dreams a reality as they add visuals that are very similar to the book for the song “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part 2″. The blues funk song isn’t bad either.

YACHT – Summer Songs

YACHT tries their hardest to make the weirdest video they can on a shoe string budget. Not only do they succeed they excel. The video goes from mildly funny, to weird to enjoyable. The track also thumps something serious as well. This is a must watch, even if it’s just to check out YACHT’s new member Claire L. Evans.

Judah x HYPEBEAST.com x Mick Boogie presents: RAtheMC A Mixtape About Something…I Think!

RatheMC is a complete beast on the mic. Her battle ready persona is amplified on this HYPEBEAST sponsored mixtape. She goes in on subjects ranging from you cats rocking those “Airwacks” over some serious beats put down by Judah and more. If You haven’t downloaded it yet, then you have a serious case of narcolepsy.

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