HYPEBEAST Presents 5&A Dime & Gumball 3000 - Day 6

5&A Dime had a chance to push their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X to the limits as they set off on their journey from Shanghai to Xuzhou with the ultimate goal of ending up in Beijing.

“Another early morning wake-up call started Day 6 of Gumball 3000 for us. The plan was to head to Shanghai International Circuit, then finish up in Xuzhou for the night. It would be the longest drive of the trip, at around 10-11 hours total. We traveled down the express-way (which they closed off to the public for us) at speeds of 140mph+, watching our gas gauge constantly dropping. We arrived at the Shanghai Circuit a few hours later, and got to do a couple of laps on the Formula 1 circuit.

After our short career as race car drivers, we headed to Xuzhou to meet up with the rest of the guys. We rolled into the city in a pouring rain, trying to take it all in. We were all exhausted after the long drive, so we hit the hay early anticipating our drive to Beijing the next morning.”

“What a beautiful sight. It must be amazing to see those stands filled with 200,000 spectators cheering you on.”

“We were only able to do three laps per car so being that Len was the superior car dude we let him do work on the track. Check out the G forces on our tree. “

“HUH? I don’t even know what to say except it was really hot and I think it got to Mike and Aly’s brains”

“Letting the car cool down after our hot laps on the track. This being our first Gumball, and the Evo X MR being such a new platform, we decided to keep the mods to the car light. As much as we would have loved to strap on a bigger turbo and really test the 4b11t, we really didn’t want to take the chance of having something go wrong in the middle of China. So we stuck to a couple of simple bolt-on’s with the Greddy Ti-C exhaust and Cusco coilovers. The stance on the car looks amazing too with those RE30s. The Evo X not only lived up to expectations, it surpassed them. We had no problem keeping up with all the big boys on the track, and the car never hiccuped along the way. We might have to bring it back next year if we do Gumball again.”

“This was at about a hundred miles an hour, Bam and Dunn hitched a ride with the Vdub guys for the China leg of the rally.”

“Random billboard.. I wonder what it says. The kid’s got a nice arc and great aim though.”

“So after our video camera was seized at Chinese customs we went out and purchased this little guy. I hope it’s not bootleg because we paid four hundo US for it. It held up for the remainder of the trip. “

“The SLR trying to do burnouts. Check the cop just watching and not doing anything.”

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