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HYPEBEAST presents 5&A Dime & Gumball 3000 - Day 1

With Gumball 3000 officially underway, the rally has brought together some of the world’s greatest four-wheeled engineering marvels as 120 cars set off through the US, North Korea and China. The 5&A Dime Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and their crew had the following to say about day 1′s events and what transpired.

“We started our day at 8am to get ready for the Opening Start of the 2008 Gumball Rally in San Francisco. We first headed down to the Main Lobby of the Fairmont hotel to have a pre-rally meeting and debriefing on the upcoming events. After a quick breakfast, we walked out to our car to find massive crowds of fans and on-lookers covering every inch of Nob Hill. After a parade lap around all of SF, we headed southbound on 101 to catch the 58 to Buttonwillow Raceway.

We missed one small detail while getting off the 101, which was refueling the car (see picture above). So half way through the 58, our car died in the middle of nowhere with no cell coverage. After a few minutes, Iron Mike tried starting the car and miraculously got it to run. Luckily, the route to Buttonwillow was mostly downhill, so we coasted whenever we could.

After our short trip to the track (and gas fill-up), we headed to Hollywood to finish day one of the trip at the Kodak Theatre on the Sunset Strip. Next up is our homecoming trip to San Diego. Until next

“Got to give a shout out to the folks… They kicked down heavy for us to be able to go.”

“Cuban Brothers… If you don’t know who they are Google it. No argyle leotard is complete without the long sleeve tassels”

“One quick glance at this classic VW, and you’ll think it’s just another nicely restored bus….wrong! It has a turbo Porsche motor under the hood. Probably the fastest V-Dub bus you’ll ever see, sleeper status.”

“Maximillion’s (organizer of Gumball 3000) Jaguar XJ220. Only 221 of these things were ever made, and they are still one of the rarest cars around. All-over print wrenches are not included.”

“Is that Carlton Banks? What the heck is he doing here?”

“The HOFF is in the house. This flick was from the night before…”

“One last shot of the crew before we got in our car.”

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