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HYPEBEAST Feature: Essentials - Nike Designers

Participating our in latest HYPEBEAST Essentials are four of the most influential members of Nike’s team of talented creatives. This group is single handedly responsible for some of the most aesthetically pleasing and well-engineered products in the realm of sports and lifestyle. Accolades aside, their contributions to the current sports meets lifestyle landscape are undeniable and with that we feature the items that comes into play frequently amongst each individual which reflect on their design style and personality. The four participating designers include James Arizumi (Nike SB), Jeff Ingram (Nike ACG Apparel Designer), Jarrett Reynolds (Nike Sportswear) and Thomas Bell (Innovation Kitchen/Equipment).

James Arizumi – Nike Skateboarding

Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston Picture
This is one of the most amazing photographs ever taken. I keep it above my desk because first of all it’s pretty gangster, secondly it is inspiring to me the amount of swagger and confidence that Cassius Clay possessed and how nothing got to him no matter what the odds. He believed in himself and at the end of the day that’s all that mattered. At the time of the challenge Clays opponent, Sonny Liston was considered unbeatable. Liston had incredible size and strength and was the favorite to win the fight, they said that the only uncertainty surrounding the fight would be whether Clay would exit the ring alive. Clay studied him, got inside his head, and sustained an audacious campaign of intimidation towards Sonny Liston that ultimately transcended into the ring and won him the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

Copic markers from Japan
Really good colors and ink flow, the tips are incredible and make the quick renderings I do POP. When I do get time to sketch and draw up designs these markers are a good go to. I don’t always use the best papers but these markers get the job done. Streamlined, well designed, nothing you don’t need but everything you do, simply Japanese.

13x21cm 240 page Moleskine Notebook and The Underachiever’s Manifesto
Two books that I find important to my life on the day to day. The Moleskine is the perfect sketchbook, I use it to jot down notes in the millions of meetings I have a day, as well as sketches, jokes, favorite quotes, phone numbers, and anything else I don’t want to remember. It has a built in bookmark to I know where I was the last time I opened it, a mini pocket for misc clippings and tear aways, and an elastic band that keeps all your junk from being exposed at anytime. The elastic band also doubles as a pen catapult to launch your writing instrument across a conference table during a long meeting at your fellow co-worker. Plus if it was good enough for Hemingway and Picasso maybe some of their genius would rub off. As for the Underachiever’s Manifesto “The guide to accomplishing little and feeling great” by Ray Bennett, MD., its a perfect travel sized companion to the Moleskine Notebook and a very easy read. Its a funny book that I like to crack open from time to time to not take things so seriously. It pretty much evens out my life by leveling me back down to 100% instead of 180%. Best quote from the book, ” Accomplishment is in the eye of the beholder.”

Indy Trucks
An incredible piece of design. Simple, tough, and effective. Indys have been around for years and years with a cult like following and remained true to quality and dependability. Not much has changed through the years in terms of design representing a perfect example of timeless design.

Paul Smith Wallet
Style, class, and craftsmanship in one simple piece. Holds all the cards that one man should carry at any given time, a drivers license, a bank card and a credit card. There is a small section for you bills, Euro sized and Dollar sized which is key in this age of global travel and economy, and absolutely no coin pouch, change is for chumps.

Jeff Ingram – Nike ACG Apparel

Kaji Kitsune (FireFox)
This is the steady whip and seeing that I’m single right now, I guess the closest thing I have to a girlfriend. Felt TK-2 frame is light and snappy. Sugino 75′s, red-ano Phil laced to Deep V with a Soma Everwear, MKS Custom Nuevo’s with Toshi doubles, Fizik Arione saddle – standard fare really – but all jet fighter in the streets. Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig the way drops look but there’s nothing like risers for controlling a high-speed drifting skid. Baravetts gave me the Obama ‘Believe’ spoke card because I do.

Fade to White
A few nice little tidbits that satisfy my current white fetish. Garni silver/white enamel ring. Porter pass wallet – the PASMO needs a proper home. Collab Nike TDS (Tokyo Design Pod) Moleskine. Truth be told this Moleskine isn’t essential as I haven’t been able to actually write in it yet – it’s just too damn purdey!

On the Sink
COMME des GARCONS ‘Citrico’. CDG makes some of the only cologne that I like and doesn’t make me smell like I should be wearing a Puka shell necklace. Rohto ‘Zi’ drops – like crushed Peppermint Paddies for your eyeballs – hurts sooooo good. My friend Lisa Hudson introduced me to these years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since.

On the Go
Suunto ‘X-Lander’ watch. Altimeter, barometer, compass and even tells the time. Had this for 6 years now; my second band is starting to crack. It’s the one watch I take on EVERY trip. Thermos, gotta be ‘considered’ and the locking pop-top is a must. Snow Peak travel ‘o-hashi’ (chopsticks). These puppies are made of stainless steel and birch recycled from old baseball bats. A little industrial art project for your pocket.

When it comes to cameras, Canon has never let me down – so I stickin’ with ‘em. ‘PowerShot SD10′ is the crash cam when I’m on the track bike or just can’t be bothered with it’s big brother. ‘G9′ takes pics in raw if you want and handles optional lenses. Nano on JBL ‘On Stage’ – don’t go anywhere in the world without them. iPhone – jailbroken and unlocked for TMobile – I’ve had the same service since it was Voicestream and not even Apple is going to make me quit that run. Sony ‘MDR-EX71′s, just sound good and fit my ear (Monster adapter necessitated by Apple’s bullshit decision to make the mini-jack port compatible only with their headphones).

Jarrett Reynolds – Nike Sportswear
5 must have items. These are 5 things that I truly can’t live without, because I’m on a flight to Vietnam, and all of these items are either in my pockets, or in my backpack. To say I travel is an understatement. The trip I’m on now will take me to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and London.

Sketchbook and pen
I picked up both of these at Tokyo Hands (best store in the world) awhile ago. I always carry a sketchbook and pen with me no matter where I go, and these two are perfect. The sketch book fits perfectly in my back pocket, and the pen expands with a click (sort of like the phone in the matrix). I bought multiple of both… once I find something I like, I rarely change.

Rohto Eye Drops
One tiny little drop of Rohto is like a menthol cigarette for your eyeball. These drops are powerful… they wake up you faster than a can of Redbull.

iPod Touch and Bose Noise Canceling headphones
Best combo ever. These two pieces of electronics make 13 hour flights with multiple layovers almost bearable. The only downside is the headphones are pretty bulky, and don’t pack very well. Ipod touch…you already know how good it is.

Head Porter Bag/Ricoh GRII combo
My Head Porter bag and Ricoh GRII work together better than Snoop and Dr. Dre. I’ve always got my Ricoh on me since the moment that Suzuki-san from Loopwheeler introduced me to this amazing camera nearly two years ago. All of the shots on this post are taken (on the airplane tray table) with my GRII. Let me just say this…its the best compact camera on the market today. No one comes close. I recently upgraded to the GRII form the original version, and I’m very happy with all the new features. I picked up this bag in Tokyo about a year ago, and its tough… my camera is always at my hip, and always protected.

Goro Necklace
This is a new purchase. For the past few years I’ve been wanting to get a Goro piece, but hated the idea of waiting in line (for hours) to do so. Well, with the help of a few friends I got to cut the line, and go up to the 2nd story Goro shop. The shop is beautiful, and the craftsmanship on the feather I bought is amazing. I’m not going to take this thing off for a while. This is one of the most special shops in the world, and you should definitely check it out next time you’re in Tokyo.

Thomas Bell – Innovation Kitchen/Equipment

All things Apple (PowerBook Pro, Apple TV and the iPhone)
No company on the planet is able to build such a compelling product experience, from advertising, packaging, retail, user interface, graphics and product design.

2008 North Rebel Kite
I can’t think of anything better for clearing my thoughts, than an hour or two on the water at the mercy of the elements. I love innovation and the design team at North; led by Ken Winner, always impresses me. The new Rebel has enhanced my experience on the water 100%.

Parmigiano Reggiano Parmigiano Reggiano
Prosciutto and a good loaf of bread, this is all I need to sustain my existence.

Universal Laser
Universal laser gave my school a laser cutter back in 1997 and since then, it has been a critical part of my design process.

My Buddy Louie
My buddy Louie, he is now 110 pounds but still thinks he is a lap dog.

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