Brooklyn Zu: "Knock Knock" ft. GZA

The memory of ODB remains a critical aspect of the Wu- Tang Clan’s continued success in the world of hip-hop. Whether they dedicate a song to him (“Life Changes” off of 8 Diagrams) or take turns performing his verses during their live shows, the Wu flat out misses the flavor ODB brought to their music. Recently a group of Wu- Tang associates from, ODB’s Brooklyn Zu, dropped an album called Chamber #9, Verse 32. Overall the album leaves much to be desired as these rappers don’t have much experience beyond Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version, but “Knock Knock” ft. Gza is somewhat noteworthy. Rza lays down an old school beat while Gza and the Brooklyn Zu do their best to keep the Wu and ODB relevant. Their rhymes are on point, but nothing spectacular jumps out beyond Gza’s tight verse. The most lasting impression of the track is the question of how much better it could sound with ODB tearing it apart.

Listen to the track [HERE]

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