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Tai Hachiro (泰八郎) x uniform experiment Glasses

Tai Hachiro (泰八郎), a well known eyewear craftsman from Japan, is known for making high quality thick framed glasses. He has previously worked with brands such as Number (N)ine and Neighborhood on several collaboration projects. The latest feature on Honeyee takes a look at the recently released Tai Hachiro (泰八郎) x uniform experiment sunglasses. In this feature, uniform experiment’s creative director, Hirofumi Kiyonaga, also talks about his thoughts working with Tai Hachiro but unfortunately the interview is only in Japanese.

The glasses are now available for 35,700 Yen.

Date: Jun 30, 2008  /  Views: 44  /  Author: Kevin Ma
Category: Uncategorized  /  Tags: Uniform experiment, Hirofumi kiyonaga, Glasses, Fashion, Taihachiro yamamoto