Nas: Black President

No matter whom your candidate of choice is in the 2008 election, the reverberations of change and history could be felt a few nights ago when Barack Obama took the stage in St. Paul and announced that he is the presumptive nominee for the democratic party. Since the beginning of hip hop music MCs have used beats and rhymes as a platform to voice descent, opinion and protest. However, the actual political process of conducting a campaign for a candidate has been few and far in-between. There has always been a pervasive feeling amongst the urban community that politicians are non-responsive to their problems or concerns. Therefore, advocating for a president seemed useless or even counterproductive.

However, this seemed to all wash away since Obama, the first African American democratic nominee, first announced his candidacy as several MCs took to the studio to pen rhymes as inspirational as the man himself. The most notable pro Obama song so far is Will I Am’s “Yes We Can” which was actually featured at several Obama rallies. Now one of the most outspoken MCs on the political front, Nas takes on the subject matter with his release “Black President”. The DJ Green Lantern Produced track splices parts of Obama’s speeches as Nas lends his poetical prose to a thoughtful track about the possibility of the first black president.

Listen to the track [HERE]

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