Young Jeezy feat Kanye West: Put On

Pain breeds great art. How many times have you heard this phrase? So much I’m sure that it has lost all meaning. However, every now and then we get reminded of why certain phrases get repeated so much that it becomes a part of our consciousness. Enter Young Jeezy’s new single “Put On” featuring Kanye West. The last we heard Jeezy he was spitting coke metaphors and braggadocios lines with his now instantly recognizable adlibs (yeaaahhhhh!!!!) in the same verse over distinct eerie beats. Determined not to rock the boat of success Jeezy stays with the same formula for his latest leaked single. The song is an affirmation of pride for Jeezy’s city and I’m sure ATLiens everywhere will be proud.

With all due respect to “The Snowman” it’s Kanye’s verse that seems to be an artist pouring his heart out and gives the track its break from the norm. Once the listener gets past the over used auto tune device Kanye is using you quickly hear how lyrically Kanye has become a bit darker and even angrier, and it’s for the better. Although we’re used to Kanyes’ carefree playful persona we get to hear a side of him he rarely lets us in on. With all the turmoil and joy Kanye has experienced within the last year including the tragic death of his mother and the rumored breakup of his engagement it’s no wonder Kanye spits “I lost the only girl in the world who knows me best.” It has yet to be seen if this is the direction that Kanye will be taking in the near future. But, as listeners we appreciate the great art and are sympathetic to the pain.

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