Santogold: L.E.S. Artistes

It is a very difficult task to attempt to condense what exactly Santogold’s music sounds like in a two paragraph synopsis. If pressed one would say she’s part Karen O, part Debbie Harry part M.I.A. But that would be far too simple a conclusion not to mention far too safe, and would be ignoring the unique sound she brings to a stale pop landscape as of late. What’s not in contention here is that Santogold was obviously influenced by Dub music, 80s Electronic, Indie Rock, New Wave and Punk. However, these past influences do not sonically make the music feel outdated. In fact her soaring catchy choruses and her firm grasp on solid song writing seems to be spearheading a new musical trend that combines pop melody with indie sensibilities. Santogold’s newly released self titled first album is gaining momentum with critics and listeners alike.

Santogold’s first single “Creator” released in late 2007 was almost a shock to the senses. Listeners either loved or hated the electronic dub hybrid. The impact was immediate as the tune was featured in several commercials and fans began to pick sides. However, it wasn’t until the young songwriter released her second single “L.E.S. Artistes” that the public got to see exactly what she had in store. The song is a scathing attack against pretentious NY hipsters and poseurs who inhabit every nook and cranny of downtown. Musically the track is driven by muted guitars that sounds like a cross between 80s pop rock and new millennium garage rock. The remainder of Santogold’s album is just as hard to define and just as enjoyable.

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