Lil Wayne feat Kanye West: Lollipop (Remix)

Say what you will about Lil Wayne, but it is obvious that he is quickly becoming one of the most dominant artists in not just hip hop but in music over all. The New Orleans natives’ relentless work ethic, his ability to unconsciously string together similes and metaphors and his penchant for virtually transforming his vocal timbre into a flow that almost becomes a musical instrument over tracks has made him omnipresent on the radio, videos and mix tapes. Though still a young man Wayne is a seasoned veteran whose skill has grown by leaps and bounds. He routinely releases energetic verses that play with rhyme patterns and tweaks flow in a state in hip hop when MCs all seemingly rely on the safe conventional conversational approach. His subject matter is almost a schizophrenic as he bounces between the humorous and emotional but it culminates in a formula that has garnered him the respect of certain legendary MCs and the wrath of others.

However, with popularity comes backlash and eventually unabashed hatred. Seemingly unaffected by the new crop of naysayers Wayne continued his onslaught on the listening public by releasing “Lollipop” the first single of his highly anticipated, long delayed “The Carter III”. The track is a hazy codeine induced song the combines a slow down tempo electro hip hop sound complete with auto tune vocals. When released, the song went number one on the charts almost immediately ensuring the public will hear the track all summer long and confirming Wayne’s popularity. Not content to rest on his laurels Wayne has recently released a remix to the song with arguably the other most popular MC on the planet Kanye West. On the remix, the playful vibe of the original is shifted a bit as the track becomes a trade of verse amongst two MCs who are now safely heavyweights in the game.

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