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HYPEBEAST at MAGIC - HomeRoom 2008 Summer Preview

Here’s the upcoming Summer 2008 goods from HomeRoom. The San Francisco based brand has a strong collection slated for the upcoming...

Here’s the upcoming Summer 2008 goods from HomeRoom. The San Francisco based brand has a strong collection slated for the upcoming seasons, looking towards their cut & sew collection as a defining point. We also had a chance to speak candidly with founder Alex Valdman as he enjoyed a slice of raw pizza courtesy of Bobby Hundreds. Check the short interview after the jump.

HYPEBEAST: Who are you?

Alex: My name is Alex and I’m eating raw dough pizza.

HYPEBEAST: And it’s delicious right?

Alex: Thank you Bobby Hundreds [for the pizza]!

HYPEBEAST: So what’s your deal?

Alex: Ummm… trying to eat food. No it really fucking sucks. I walk into my booth today, I had it completely taped off with duct tape. Outta nowhere the duct tape is down, I rush over to my booth and look into my snake bag, and it’s gone.

HYPEBEAST: What the hell? A snake, like jewelry?

Alex: No… a snake is an animal…

HYPEBEAST: Ohhhh shit, a REAL snake.

Alex: Yeh like a serpent, with a tongue that flickers [mimics motion]. So there’s a snake, or serpent if you will lose around here.

HYPEBEAST: I was thinking some jewelry…

Alex: Nah… Oh on top of that, speaking of jewelry then some fucking faggot stole our Kaboom ring. Somebody stole like a $300 ring from us.

HYPEBEAST: Now what? You’re going to stab someone?

Alex: I hope I see them at a party… but that might suck cause if they take a swing at me that shit is sharp and might cut me up bad…. no health insurance.

HYPEBEAST: No health insurance… streetwear doesn’t pay that well?

Alex: I wouldn’t say that….

HYPEBEAST: Oh shit doesn’t pay that well eh. What’s a hypebeast to you?

Alex: Somebody who buys into the hype without really knowing. Would you like some nuts? [Opens a bottle of cashews]

HYPEBEAST: Are you a hypebeast?

Alex: No.

HYPEBEAST: Yeh you are, you fucking hypebeast.

Alex: Fuck you man! [throws cashew]

HYPEBEAST: So what are you looking to do at MAGIC?

Alex: Eat pizza that is fully cooked.

HYPEBEAST: That’s it? Sell some clothes?

Alex: Meet some people, get some stuff done… no gambling. I don’t want to lose HomeRoom.

HYPEBEAST: Anything else you want to say?

Alex: Check out Red Clay’s line.

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