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Medicom Toy Bearbrick x Levi’s Artist Series – CLOT

Hong Kong lifestyle company CLOT were one of the Asian brands chosen to be involved in Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick x Levi’s Artist Series. Their take on project was based on Edison Chen’s favorite fruits, watermelon and strawberries. Two Bearbrick designs were coupled with two matching t-shirt designs. The women set features the strawberry theme while the watermelon set is for guys. The shirts are packaged in special recycled envelopes as a more environmentally friendly approach based on Edison Chen’s previous experiences in Canada and the US. The t-shirt set (tee & 100% Bearbrick) is priced at $480 HKD (approximately $61 USD) while the 400% Bearbrick on it’s own is priced at $530 HKD (approximately $67 USD). Available now at Juice.

Date: Nov 30, -0001  /  Views: 613  /  Author: Staff
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